Ryba. The brief instructs to desig three sardine tin cans - one in olive oil, one in tomato sauce, and water. The concept is founded on a made up story about a family boutique manufacturer name Ryba - Homemade sardines from Russia. By putting colors into a water bucket and dipping the cans insight, I was able to create wave shapes atop of the packaging. The waves' colors matched the inside of the cans: green for olive oil, red for tomato sauce, and blue for water.

Palmier. The brief was to design flour and baking products. I drew my inspiration from the look of wheat fields from a bird's eye view. I created that look and feel with typography using fonts of different varieties and weights to be used for different products within the collection.
I created distortions in the fonts to create the illusion of wheat fields and added color to black and white typography to enhance the different types of flour in the collection.